Beach Supplies Information

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What products do you have for beach supplies?
We have anything you need for your beach essentials or just for more beach fun! To see our full list of items go to our beach products tab!

What do we need to go to the beach?
Wouldn’t it be nice just to pop down to the beach and be able to not have to bring anything but yourself? But what fun is a beach day without your beach chairs, umbrellas, canopies, cooler, and towels? Let us help you with that! We will deliver everything to your rental house and make it easy and convenient for our guests!

Do you have any beach packages?
Yes we do! We have multiple beach packages that can be found on the beach products tab. If you have a large group and need even more products or specific requests give us a call at 941-462-2719 and one of our Fun staff members can help you out with a special package deal just for you!

What type of fun can you provide us on the beach?
We have corn hole, floats, and skimboards that are great for all ages! We even have a GIANT float called an i-Float or party barge! Take your whole family on a float ride!

Do you set up and take down canopies?
We do offer set up and take down during off season. For pricing and availability just give us a call at 941-462-2719.