I Like to Ride My By Bicycle

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There is inherent beauty all around us. There is even man made beauty, too, for that matter. I look passed it all the time. Hurry, hurry, hurry everywhere I go. There never seems to be any time to stop and take a look around. Being aware of this only helps if I am willing to do something about it. Being on vacation, it is my duty to participate today.
When we checked into our vacation rental property there was one item that was sorely missing…bicycles. However there was an advertisement business card on the counter for bicycle rentals from Fun and More Rentals. One activity I have always liked to do but never make the time for is bike riding. Not wanting to squander this opportunity I placed a call.
When I made the call I was informed of the different options that they had available. They had several different size options, styles, geared or beach cruisers, kids bikes with training wheels, bikes with baby seats on the back, trailers and even tagalongs. Since My kids are a little older we didn’t need all that but it’s nice to know that they do. I placed our order and within the hour our bikes were delivered.
Deciding to let the kids enjoy vacation by sleeping in, my wife and I wanted to be both ambitious and adventurous. She had heard about Neal Preserve conservation area just off Anna Maria Island on Perico Island. We hopped on our bikes and went for a ride. Getting there was fairly easy though much of the ride we were on the road and close to the traffic and we did have to cross the Manatee bridge to get there. If the kids had been with us, I think I would have taken our car but since it was just 2 adults, the bicycles were a great choice.
We were very impressed with the condition at Neal Preserve! We parked our bicycles in the bike rack out front and took to the trails on foot. Throughout the vast scenery there were several informative placards placed about describing the plant life growing in the area. There is even a lookout tower to get a better view of the Preserve and the Bay. As we finished our walk around we knew we had better get back to the kids, so we grabbed our wheels and rode off.
After pedaling back to the cottage and having some lunch we talked the kids into taking a ride around the island with us. As a purveyor of beauty I am so glad we were on bicycles. When I am driving around in a car I am always trying to get everywhere as quickly as I can. Now that we were on bikes, we were able to take in the beauty, not just of Mother Nature but of the amazing houses that are here on Anna Maria Island. As we wound our way through the various streets we were able to see the variety of houses available from main level cottages, side by sides and the multi level homes as well. Some of the architecture is absolutely astonishing.
We made our way up to Bean Point, the northernmost tip of the island. What a breathtaking and spacious area! We did a family walk around the beach taking in the vastness of the Gulf of Mexico. Actually, the tip of Anna Maria Island is where the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay come together. The kids of course had to run into the water for a little bit and who could blame them. My wife and I waded in on our stroll as well. Afterwhile, we returned to our bikes to return to the cottage.
I would be remiss not to mention that we, or should I say I, found out the hard way that all road signs apply to bicycles just like they do other vehicles on the road. On our way back I was leading the way and without hesitation blew through a STOP sign. Of course, there was a sheriff sitting nearby who witnessed this and pulled me over. Thankfully she let me off with a warning in front of my wife and kids. As you can imagine I have now given them all another piece of material for making fun of dear old Dad…