A Golf Cart’s Tale

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As day broke on day one of my island adventure, I walked outside to feel the sunshine upon my face and to breathe in the salty air. Not wanting to wake my family I thought about going for a quick drive to get my feel for the island. A decision needed to be made. Do I take the rental car I had gotten from the airport or the golf cart we had delivered from Fun and More Rentals. I decided to take the cart and boy am I glad I did!
I drove around the island feeling the breeze blow through my hair. I could look over to each side of me and take in the beauty of the island which I would be unable to do if I were in an enclosed vehicle. While I was enjoying my ride in solitude I knew it was time to return to my family. After a stop at one of the local coffee houses I returned with a caramel latte for my lady and an Americano for myself.
The kids were reluctantly up and at ‘em but the day was ours to be had. The 5 of us boarded our 6 passenger golf cart and drove down to one of the many breakfast joints in town to get our fuel for the day.
After breakfast I took the girls for a scenic drive around the island. I wanted to show them all the places I had been to earlier before they woke up. We arrived back at our rental to drop off the “non shopper” of the bunch and now the 4 of us were on our way. We drove over to Pine Ave where we had plenty of shoppes at our disposal. Since one of the kids stayed behind at the cottage, we were able to utilize the flip down rear facing seat options for our bags after shopping. With the afternoon nearly upon us it was time to hit the beach!!

I brought us back to our rental home so we could get changed and ready for the beach. Once ready, the 5 of us set off and headed down to one of the many public beach access roads.What a joy it was to find parking while in a golf cart as opposed to a car. The size and maneuverability made driving and parking this street legal vehicle much more convenient. We had arrived!!
Once the kids were all played out and my gal and I had had our fill of salt water swimming, we felt it was time to head on out. Being all wet and sandy was no issue for our golf cart. I don’t think I could say the same had we driven our cloth seat covered rental car with carpeted floors. Which made leaving the beach even more convenient than getting there. My girls and I stopped for smoothies and iced lattes on our way back to the cottage.
As night began to fall I decided to take one final drive for the day. My lady and I took a romantic drive down to a secluded little spot I had scoped out on my morning drive to watch the sun go down on the gulf. After sunset we returned home.
Looking back I sure am glad we decided on renting a golf cart from Fun and More Rentals. They offered different size options to choose from which made it very easy to select the appropriate golf cart for my family. After a day like today I can understand why golf carts are the prefered method of transportation on Anna Maria Island. I can’t wait to see what day 2 brings!!