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Stand Up Paddle Boarding (otherwise know as SUP, Beach Boy Surfing) combines standing on a large surfboard and propelling yourself with a canoe type paddle. The sport was once practiced by the beach boys of Waikiki, with roots even further back to ancient Hawaiians.

Recently cross over water sport enthusiast around the world are picking up on the resurgence of this sport as an alternative sport to surfing, kite boarding and windsurfing.. It is hardly uncommon to see surfers paddling into waves with carbon paddles at most surf beaches or people just gliding gently across the water for a downwinder

The boards are extra wide and long for stability. The wider boards, 30” wide and 12’6 long, are super stable. Very easy sport for all ages and genders. Get out relax and paddle thru the surf or in the calm Bay waters and enjoy and discover the wildlife and vegetation.

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