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Frequently Asked Questions About “Fun and More Rentals”

1Check out Little Budgie Delivery!
Looking for a grocery delivery service? Look no further! Check out or call 941-253-9178! Offering Grocery Delivery & Restaurant Delivery!
2Do you price match?
We do! We require that the other company have the requested rental available for the dates you are looking for and for golf carts to be same size you are price matching with. We cannot price match any non street legal golf carts and all golf cart companies must be based on Anna Maria Island.
3What are the rules for coupons?
We allow one coupon per order, we do not stack discounts. CANOPY25 code requires you have a canopy on the order to receive the $25 credit for other items.
4What do I do if my Golf Cart breaks down?
Between 9am-5pm please call our office at 941-462-2719! We will come out to where you are and bring you a new Golf Cart. If you break down after hours please call the after hours line @ 941-274-9764. The after hours staff member will either swap you out to a new cart, or we will swap you out first thing the following business day. We will reimburse for any Cab, Uber, Lyft or other transportation costs you may have due to an after hours breakdown.
5What happens if I am not happy with my items?
Please contact our office ASAP! We would be more than happy to bring you new items within 2 hours. Top quality is our main goal!
6When will my Items be delivered?
We deliver your items ANY day of the week! Most orders will be delivered before your arrival, and we guarantee to have your items there before 6:00pm on the day of your arrival or the scheduled delivery date. If you are not going to be there before your items, we will arrange a special place to store the items on the rental property.
7What happens if I arrive after business hours?
If you have rented a golf cart, we do have to hand over the keys in person, if you arrive after our office is closed we will meet you at the rental home the following business day. - For all other items, they will be at the house waiting for you!
8Can I pick my Items up?
Yes, you can pick up at our office at 5347 Gulf Dr! Please be sure to coordinate with out staff in advance!
9What happens if I lose an Item that I rented?
For all rentals, you will be charged for any missing catalogued items. Please contact us if you misplace an item for pricing.
10We are arriving early and want to ensure that our Items will be there when we arrive.
Often most of our items are delivered by 4 pm. If you are arriving early please mention that to our customer service and we will be happy to make special arrangements for your order.
11What is your cancellation policy?
Please see more details about our cancellation policy here.
12How late can we order?
You order as late as 4pm Mon-Fri & Sundays. Latest time on Saturday is 5pm. *During peak season on Saturdays please verify we can deliver new orders same day before placing your order*
13How much does Delivery cost?
We will deliver your items for no additional cost anywhere on Anna Maria Island. For delivery to Longboat or Siesta Key, contact us directly to discuss delivery arrangements for your particular rental order.
14Is it safe to provide my credit card details online?
We utilize the most state of the art encryption technology (SSL or secured socket layer) to ensure that your credit card and personal information is protected.
15How far in advance do we need to order these Items?
We request that you reserve your equipment as soon as you finalize your vacation plans. This helps to ensure that the items you have requested will be booked for your stay, and will help you to avoid any additional fees.
16Do you require a deposit?
No, we do not require any deposit on our equipment. If the items are returned damaged or missing, charges will incur.
17How do we return the items after we have used them?
We come and pick them up. Simply book the pick-up date when you place your order and we’ll stop by at no additional charge to pick up the items.
18We have decided to stay longer; can we keep the items longer than we signed them out for?
Please call us if you decide you require the use of the items longer than expected. Some of the items may be booked for other lucky vacationers – but if not, we would be happy to let you keep the rentals for a few extra days!
19How can I make a payment?
We accept all Major Credit Cards. We also use PayPal!