Product Description

You may have heard of the newest trend for entertainment and exercise.
Stand up on a large surfboard and use the canoe like paddle to push yourself to wherever your destination is.
Paddleboarding is the alternative to surfing, kite boarding, and windsurfing. It is easy to learn and will keep you busy for hours before you know it. Children, adults, and everyone in between can try paddleboarding. Find your balance and you are good to go!
The boards are extra wide and long stability. The wider boards, 30 inches wide and 12 foot 6 inches long, are super stable. Explore the hidden gems of the island and see all the sea life and wildlife AMI and the surrounding areas have to offer. We offer delivery to both your rental property, as well as your desired beach access or launch zone.
Don’t forget to include your life jacket size by selecting what size you need in the drop down box! If you need more than 1 just let us know in the note section!